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5K Gold Mine is the first progressive jackpot slot from 4ThePlayer. Features include free spins and a prize trail bonus. The RTP of this highly volatile game

5K Gold Mine is the first progressive jackpot slot from 4ThePlayer. Features include free spins and a prize trail bonus. The RTP of this highly volatile game is 94% and its top prize is worth 5500x.

5K Gold Mine Game Data

Slot Name

5K Gold Mine: Dream Drop






High volatility



5K Gold Mine Slot Game Introduction

5K Gold Mine is 4ThePlayer’s first-ever Dream Drop progressive slot. Even though Dream Drop games are still quite new, 4ThePlayer has managed to reinvent this specific jackpot mechanic to make for a totally unique gaming experience.

In 5K Gold Mine, players are met with a familiar theme, as the game takes them deep down into a mine with crates of gold, dynamite and gems lining the reels. It’s a safer theme for 4ThePlayer (as many of its other designs are a bit outside of the box like 9K Kong in Vegas and 10x Rewind), but we like that the studio has paired a more recognisable theme with gameplay that is pretty unusual.

5K Gold Mine RTP & Volatility

The 5K Gold Mine RTP is 94%. While this is a lot lower than we tend to see from 4ThePlayer slots, it’s actually pretty standard for a progressive slot game. In fact, some progressive jackpot games have RTPs of 92% and lower.

In terms of volatility, 5K Gold Mine is a highly volatile slot with a 5500x max win.

How To Win

This is a 1024 Ways to Win online slot, where wins are created by landing matching symbols on adjacent reels. The miner is the game’s most generous symbol, offering a prize of 4x your stake, with dynamite wilds that can help boost your odds of winning.

5K Gold Mine Bonuses

The bonus features in 4ThePlayer’s 5K Gold Mine slot revolve around the Gold Rush Trail. As you spin the reels, landing the mine cart symbol will advance you along the trail or provide you with a cash prize (which is equal to the value of the spot on the trail where your mine cart currently sits).

Free Spins

As you move along the path, you can hit the free spins feature, which awards you with 10 free spins during which you collect every prize that you land on while making your way across the trail.

Landing scatters during this bonus will provide you with a cash prize instead of awarding more free spins or retriggering the round.

Dream Drop Jackpot

The Dream Drop Jackpot is also triggered by the Gold Rush Trail. When your cart lands on one of the four corners, there is a chance that you will be able to enter the Dream Drop bonus round.

In this bonus, you will be presented with another prize trail. As you make your way around, you will land on spaces for each of the jackpot levels: Rapid, Midi, Maxi, Major or Mega. When your spin comes up with the “Collect”, then you’ll win whichever jackpot that you are currently sitting on.

Most other Dream Drop Jackpot slots have a collection-based bonus round, where collecting a specific number of symbols that correspond to each jackpot will win you the prize. This is a totally different take on things.

5K Gold Mine Game : Our Verdict

4ThePlayer’s 5K Gold Mine slot comes with all sorts of bonus features and every spin brings something new to the experience, as your mine cart is almost always moving around the Gold Rush Trail. Even when you’re not landing prizes, the game holds your attention thanks to all of the features that could potentially be triggered.

4ThePlayer always aims to bring players something new and unique – even when using well-known themes and existing game mechanics, and 5K Gold Mine is the perfect example of that. 5K Gold Mine feels like a fresh take on both progressive jackpots and mining-themed slots.

Disclaimer: 5K Gold Mine: Dream Drop trademark / license is owned by 4ThePlayer. This site is not endorsed by 4ThePlayer.

5K Gold Mine Slot Review FAQs

5K Gold Mine has a payout percentage of 94%. This is lower than average for regular slots but high on the sale for progressive jackpots games.

Yes, this is a highly volatile slot game with a 5500x top prize available.

When you land a mine cart symbol on the reels, you can either advance along the trail or collect a cash prize. On the path, you can either trigger the free spins, win a prize or trigger the progressive jackpot round.

The progressive jackpot in 5K Gold Mine is triggered by landing on the DD spot on the prize trail. The jackpot game is another prize trail where each space corresponds to a different jackpot level. Whenever Collect is spun, then you’ll receive whichever prize level your mine is on.

Where can I Play 5K Gold Mine in the Philippines?

Although 5K Gold Mine slot is produced by 4ThePlayer, not all online casinos that work with 4ThePlayer will feature this game. To play 5K Gold Mine , two conditions have to be met: the casino must be in cooperation with 4ThePlayer and have the game available on their platform. Fortunately, we have one casino to recommend: Peso888 Casino.

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